Successful Completion of the First Patient Experience Course

The Patient Experience: Improving Health Care Quality Through Patient-Centered Care course was great last week. Over 20 participants attended both virtually and in person from across the United States and Canada. The participants were extremely engaged and had many questions regarding implementation of techniques to enhance the patient experience at their own organizations.

Patient-Centeredness, one of the six components of safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered (STEEEP®) care, involves providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values. It is a critical component to delivering high quality care to patients. This course provided health care leaders with practical approaches for advancing patient-centered methods, including strategies for engaging leadership, physicians, and support staff with an emphasis on quality and safety.

The course also included a tour of the The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano so that participants could see how the hospital was designed to offer the optimal patient experience. Below is a picture of one of the patient rooms set up to not only accommodate the patient, but also the family and friends of the patient by providing lots of space and a comfortable pull out couch for them to sleep on.

A highlight of the course was the presentation on the Patient and Family Advisor Council. This council was set up so that the opinions and suggestions for improvement of patients and family members of patients could be heard and implemented to improve the quality of care delivered. The founding member of the Patient and Family Advisor Council at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas told her story to the participants about how she ended up at the hospital, why she is on the council, and what she is trying to accomplish by serving on it. This was a very powerful part of the course and really encouraged others to set up their own Patient and Family Advisor Council at their organizations in order to created a patient-centered environment.