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Project Description

ACT III EHR Provider Training


Government mandates (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) require eligible hospitals to adopt and demonstrate Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology by 2015 to avoid reduction in Medicare reimbursements.

As  a hospital (Facility D) transitioned 1,542 medical staff, allied health and house staff from voluntary electronic documentation to the physician order management phase of the EHR, the goal was to provide every possible opportunity for education prior to implementation.

Key stakeholders from the medical staff, administration, and other user groups were identified to develop an effective education plan. Not educating providers in a timely manner or educating them too soon jeopardizes patient safety, quality of care, and working relationships.

Aim Statement

By February 2, 2013, the aim was to have 85% of high activity providers and house staff (i.e. Tier 1, 809 total) educated in Act III EHR Computerized Physician Order Management (CPOM). This was to be accomplished, beginning in November 2012, by facilitating communication and follow-up with providers through medical staff department chiefs, administration, and communicators.


  • Communicator moved to Medical Staff Services office
  • Medical Staff Service personnel assisted with scheduling appointments
  • Started sending daily reports to administration, education, informatics, chiefs, and division heads
  • Additional communicator added to divide responsibilities for follow-up and scheduling
  • Increased availability of education time slots
  • Certified letters sent to non-compliant providers
  • Physician one-on-one appointments and ongoing super user support added for efficient workflow
  • As of March 2013, 99% Tier 1 providers trained