New Book Highlights Baylor Health Care System’s Quality Journey

Reaching America’s true potential to deliver and receive exceptional health care will require not only an immense and concerted effort, but a fundamental change of perspective from medical providers, government officials, industry leaders, and patients alike.

Achieving STEEEP Health Care, a new book published by CRC Press, highlights Baylor Health Care System’s (BHCS) efforts to improve health care quality along the six aims of health care improvement outlined by the Institute of Medicine and embraced by BHCS leadership: safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and patient centeredness (STEEEP®).

“This is the future of health care,” says Joel Allison, president and CEO for BHCS. “These aims and strategies are not only making it better for our patients, they are helping us remain a leader in health care during this time of uncertainty.”

Achieving STEEEP Health Care features perspectives of senior leaders in the areas of corporate governance, finance, and physician and nurse leadership; strategies for developing and supporting a culture of quality, including systems and tools for data collection, performance measurement, and reporting; service-line examples of successful quality improvement initiatives such as reducing heart failure readmissions; and approaches to accountable care and improved population health.

“This book offers practical strategies and lessons for other organizations in the areas of people, culture, and processes that have contributed to dramatic improvements in patient and operational outcomes at Baylor Health Care System,” says David J. Ballard, MD, PhD, BHCS senior vice president and chief quality officer, president of the STEEEP Global Institute, and the book’s editor.

“We hope that sharing the challenges and successes we have encountered in our STEEEP care journey will educate and encourage other health care delivery organizations embarking on their own quality improvement endeavors.”

STEEEP is a registered trademark of Baylor Health Care System.

Achieving STEEEP Health Care: Physicians, Culture & Quality